Which Are The Elective Positions?


Leadership refers to the ability to influence others to act towards a desired goal, as the country gears toward the 2022 general elections do Kenyans understand who they are supposed to vote for?

The President

The president is the head of state and the National government, he/she is elected by voters of the Republic of Kenya.

The president safeguards the sovereignty of the nation and promotes and enhances unity in the nation.

The leader ensures the protection of human rights and chairs the cabinet meeting.

Above all the president promotes respect for the diversity of the people and communities of Kenya.

The Member of the National Assembly

Members of parliament are elected to represent a constituency.

They make national laws, which govern the country and safeguard a nation.

Representing the people of the constituency by resolving and deliberating issues of concern to the people.

They oversee state organs which are the national revenue and its expenditure and how they are allocated between different levels of government.

They review the conduct of the president, the president, and other state officers and may initiate the process of removing them from office.


They are elected to represent a county in the Senate.

Safeguarding the interest of the counties in legislation.

Protects the interests of the county governments.

Making laws for county government.

Decides allocation of revenue among counties.

Participates in the oversight of state offices.

The county Governor

The Governor is the elected chief executive of the county government.

They promote peace and competitiveness in the county.

Provides leadership in the county executive committee and administration based on county policies and plans.

They are accountable for the management and use of county resources.

Promotes democracy, good governance, unity, and cohesion within the county.

Promotes peace and order within the county.

Promotes competitiveness of the county.

Promotes and facilitates citizen participation in developing policies and plans in the county.

Member of the County Assembly

Maintains close contact with the electorate and consults them on issues before or under discussion in the county assembly.

Presents views, opinions, and proposals of the electorates to the county assembly.

Attends sessions of the county assembly and its committees.

Provides a linkage between the county assembly and the electorate on public service delivery.

Extend professional knowledge, experience, and specialized knowledge to any issues under discussion in the county assembly.

County Woman Representative

Plays a similar role as a member of the national assembly.

Makes national laws.

resolves issues of concern t people

Oversees state organs and expenditures.

Nominated Members of Parliament

The nominated members act on behalf of marginalized communities, youth, PWDS, and workers.

They also perform the role of the respective offices.

Vote wisely, vote peace!


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