Wandayi-“Partner With County Governments To Boost Production”


National assembly minority leader, Opiyo Wandayi has criticized the national government over dishing out of relief food instead of partnering with the county governments to revive agriculture.

The Ugunja member of parliament noted that Kenyans have to be supported to produce their food adding that relief food is never the best solution.

Speaking at St. Joseph the Worker catholic church in Ugunja town, the legislator said that several parts of the country were endowed with good soil and climate and all that was needed was empowerment of the locals.

“We do not need handouts in the name of relief food in this region” he said adding that there was need for the government to avail subsidized fertilizer and seeds to the residents.

At the same time, Wandayi dismissed calls for Nyanza residents to join the Kenya Kwanza government to realize more development, saying that since independence, the region has always been represented in the cabinet of successive governments.

“We have never lacked people who sit in the government as ministers” he said adding that the region and the country at large have been transformed not by the number of ministers but changes brought about by both devolution and the constituencies’ development fund.

He further urged the government to ensure that the national cake is equally share to every part of the county.


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