Trevor Noah’s Mother Allegedly In Debt With SARS


Patricia Noah, mother of the internationally cheered stand up comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, is reportedly exposed for owing the South African Revenue Service millions of Rans.

Patricia is said to have been in in the property business under the company name PN Noah Estates and according to the reports of the South African Revenue Service, she has neglected to pay her tax debts for more than one or more tax years and tax periods.

SARS has given Patricia ten business days from when the letter was issued to her which was November 8th to make settlements on how to settle the arrears.

A threat to obtain an execution order to take and sell all her assets was made to Patricia if she fails to use methods put by the revenue collector in a letter given to her by SARS.

CIty Press said to her to apply the following remedies:

-Payment installment where she is unable to pay full amount.

-Suspension of the debt where she intend to submit or have submitted a formal dispute.

-Compromise of a portion of the tax where this will provide a higher return to the fiscus than liquidation, sequestration or other collection measures.

SARS also said to her that if she is not able to make full payment, she may allocate any third party who is present or in the near future will owe her money or hold money for her to clear her unpaid taxes with the money.

When one fails to honor tax commitments, it can lead them to finding themselves in such a situation and therefore we are advised to make sure that our financial records are organized in order to manage our tax affairs.

When it becomes devastating, one can always get professional assistance.



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