The Deaf in Kakamega Decry Communication Breakdown


The Deaf community in Kakamega have decried communication breakdown hampering access to services and challenges in their businesses.

Speaking to the media, Deaf hawkers around Muliro Gardens called upon the county government to avail sign language interpreters in offices that are crucial and hospitals.

They also want the government to encourage their workers to learn sign language to make it easier for them to interact when visiting, citing enforcement officers in the county who harasses them yet are unable to defend themselves verbally.

Carlos Ondwasi, one of the Deaf hawkers said that, it’s a big challenge for them especially when visiting a hospital, they cant express themselves, and getting an interpreter is not easy.

Francis Kwalanda, a motorbike operator in Kakamega town, said they are optimistic that the government will support the Deaf and make their life easier.


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