Tamedol Oral Solution Recalled From Shelves 


The Ministry of Health has ordered consumers to stop using the Tamedol oral solution (Paracetamol oral solution, 120mg/5m1, 60 MLS) after they received complaints about the quality of the drug.

According to the Pharmacy and Poisons Board Executive Director Fred Siyoi, the move is in accordance with Section 3A of the Pharmacy and Poisons Act Cap 244.

Director Siyoi in a statement issued to newsrooms emphasized that the PPB has called for the immediate quarantine of the product, announcing, “Stop all further distribution, sale, issuance, or use of Tamedol oral solution.”

Members of the public are also urged to return the product to their nearest healthcare facility or place of purchase for a full refund.

The painkiller is widely used for headaches, colds and influenza, backache, period pain, pain of osteoarthritis, muscle pain, toothache, and rheumatic pain.


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