Take Me As I am


If I told you I was Deaf would you turn away

Or would I read your lips that tell me it’s ok

Would you understand if I start to use my hands

And tell you how I feel

If I tried to speak and the words weren’t complete

Would you smile and think less of me

Or do you really see me for me and not a disability

If I began to stare would you realise

How much I need to see and listen with my eyes

If I began to touch would you be offended

If I began to point to what I want or intended

You can take my hearing aid

To you its just another game

You can take my love yes that’s ok

No matter what you take from me

Can’t take my identity

It’s mine

But come closer I want to share it with you

I will show you how to sign the words

I love you too

I will show you how to laugh and be proud

I don’t care who’s watching I want to I sign it out loud

Can you see me for me and not my disability

Would it sound strange to say

I am a language minority

Take me for who I am and I can laugh with you

See me for what I am and show some respect too

Only then you will find that in visual mind

I just might love you too.



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