Standard Chartered Bank renews partnership with Athletics Kenya


The Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon on Thursday renewed their partnership with Athletics Kenya (AK) at the Standard Chartered head office.

Chairman Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon, Peter Gitau stated that Athletics Kenya has been of great help in the coordination of sporting events in the country since its inception.

“Since the inception of the marathon in the year 2003, Athletics Kenya has assisted us in the efficient running and coordination of the biggest single day sporting event in the Country,” Gitau said. 

To date Standard Chartered has attracted over 270,000 runners. All marathon proceeds go towards community initiatives. As the bank celebrates their 20th year anniversary, they said they are proud to extend their partnership with Athletics Kenya for another five years.

Gitau added that they are intentional about creating and nurturing relationships with key stakeholders in the sporting industry. Besides having hosted 20,340 runners last year, this year’s marathon targets to register 25,000 runners and is to be held on 29th October, 2023 at Uhuru Gardens.

In his speech, President Athletics Kenya, Jackson Tuwei said that the bank has been a launching pad for most athletes and moreover a through way for their success.

“The Standard Chartered Bank Nairobi marathon has been the launching pad for thousands of our young athletes and provided a stage that has enabled many Kenyan and international athletes to build careers and some of whom have gone on to become world champions,” Tuwei stated.

He also added that the world has changed and it faces what the United Nations has dubbed as a “triple planetary crisis”. Many organizations, including sporting federations are now called upon to respond to these environmental challenges.

The implementation of sustainability initiatives is part of the new agreement. World Athletics Sustainability strategy 2020-2030 requires that all member federations must now implement sustainability actions in all sanctioned events such as this marathon.

Air pollution is also of major concern to sports. 

“On 17th September 2018, World Athletic pioneered a campaign to raise awareness on the effects of air pollution on athletics, and Athletics Kenya became part of this initiative,” continued Gitau.

AK plans to undertake real-time air quality monitoring during this year’s marathon with their partners — the United Nations Environment Programme and the Stockholm Environment.

Athletics Kenya will continue to work with the bank on this important agenda for athletes.



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