Somber Mood in Gichugu as Assistant Chief is laid to Rest


Assistant chief from Gichugu Sub County, Kirinyaga County who was allegedly stabbed by his wife has been laid to rest in somber mood.

Dennis Magu Njeru, 35, Kiamugumo Assistant chief, is said to have been killed by his wife Jedidah Wanja on December 15th at their homestead.

Magu’s Mother Rose Njeri who is the MCA in Kirinyaga county assembly said she had visited the family and even held prayers with them, and everything seemed normal.

The two have been married for 14 years and no his of domestic fights which make the act a shocking.

Kirinyaga county MP Wangui Ngirici who join the family in sendoff said the society need to change attitude on marriage as life can be repaired.

Dr Njagi Makanga said Gichugu has been recently in headlines for bad news and some cases are attributed to drug abuse. He urge the resident to ensure social coexistent to fight such cases.


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