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Entertainment Updated: 20 October 2021 14:19 EAT 355 Views | ~ 1 minute

Shakillah Queen Of The Streets Exposed!

We all know Shakilla and how she rose to fame. She has been refering to herself as the Queen of the streets and that streets choose her.

However one of her ex-girlfriends has come out to expose her. During an interview with a you tube Vlloger Evelyn Njeri, Wambui famously known as Manzi wa Kibera has shared her experience with Shakilla.

She says that she hosted the wannabe socialite after she was kicked out by her parents for misbehaving. However, ‘manzi wa Kibera’ claims that few days later, Shakila started snooping her conversations with her sponsor. She later got his number from her phone and linked with him without her knowledge.

When ‘manzi wa Kibera’ requested for some cash from her sponsor, he told her that Shakilla was better than her. A clear evidence that they had hooked up. It was then when Shakilla fled from the ghetto and rose to fame.

According to her ex- girlfgriend, Shakilla changed her number and she has been snobbing her since then. This acts led to ‘manzi wa Kibera’ into depression to an extreme of loosing her golden tooth while drunk. All she wants from Shakilla is to return whatever she stole from her and most importantly  her sponsor. She also wants replacement of her golden tooth.

Shakilla is said to have stolen some of her accessories including a sling bag which had a gold chain in it. Is ‘Manzi wa Kibra’ trying to get some fame by exposing her friend or she is telling the truth? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section

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