Did you know, that in Netherlands Persons With Disabilities receive money from the Government as part of the ‘Hookers for the Handicapped’ program to pay for sexual services up to 12 times a year? Sex has been known to have several benefits to a human being such as reducing depression and Persons With Disabilities are not an exemption. The program is said to be supporting a right and addressing health issues and not about promoting the sex business.

Did you know, in the UK there is a committed and non-profit organization that promotes sexual services to Persons With Disabilities in a safe, fun and responsible way and helps in connecting Persons with Disabilities, both men and women with responsible sex workers at a fee, it is called the TLC Trust ( Feeling intimate or having access to intimacy is a basic human right that should be available to any human being. Services in the TLC are provided by professionals who help Persons With Disabilities both men and women learn what intimacy feels like, the sexual feelings their bodies are capable of, how to feel pleasure or rather pleasure their partners, have a good time and come out ready for life.

Moreover, Persons With Disabilities are often known to be insecure or have a small inch of trust in them unless to a fellow Person With Disability or family, this case can be worse in sex where they at times don’t consider themselves complete to have sex or they can be concerned about safety issues (fear of abuse, the anticipation of abuse). The professional hookers who have Persons With disabilities as clients have a great knowledge of how to go about the business from gaining his/her client’s trust to leaving them happy, satisfied and feeling complete. On the other hand, some families of Persons With Disabilities go an extra mile of hooking up their family members with disabilities for sex for it has a great value to one’s well-being. Someone would wonder why to go such extreme lengths just to hook a friend’s disability up, well besides intimacy or pleasure sex is a form of physical and mental therapy, it is also known as the antidote to stress and pain relief.

As much as having sex in the UK for a Person with Disability has become easy and safe do we want to live in a society where a Person with Disability only has to seek the services of a hooker to have sex? Let’s Talk.

It is better to live in a world where people with disability are seen as sexual and valid prospective partners.



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