SEND A COW NGO Empowers Woman Groups


SEND A COW organization has embarked on empowering farmers groups in Kakrao and west Kanyamkago wards in Migori County through training.

This is an Organisation that has been in Africa fr some time and mainly helps families in Africa to grow food and rear animals for an income.

The NGO which has been in Migori County for more than four years now says they have a good rapport with farmers, which has seen many of them join groups and receive various training on food sustainability through which they are now enjoying the profits.

Speaking during the passing over of 200 hundred goats and 10 cows to the group members in Kakrao and west Kanyamkago wards in Migori County, Fanuel Ashiembi field officer from SEND A COW Kenya said that, they managed to succeed through hard work, determination, and dedication of the groups.

The groups through their representative lauded the efforts the organization has made in changing their lives so that they no longer sleep hungry as before.
They urged other women across the country to embark on farming as this is the only sure way of putting food on their tables.


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