Senate Committee Visits PWD’s In Migori County


The Senate Committee on National Cohesion Equal Opportunity and Regional Integration, held a special sitting on Saturday to hear challenges faced by Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in Migori County.

The committee which was led by Chairperson Nominated Senator Naomi Shiyonga, revealed that the meeting followed a petition addressed by Persons With Disabilities to the committee.

The Committee Chairperson noted that some of the issues that the petition talked about were the continuous exclusion of budgetary allocation to PWDs adding that, some PWDs policies had not been enacted.

“The committee has had a consultative meeting on the same with the Migori County Executive led by Governor Zachary Obado, Members of the County Assembly, PWDs, and Civil society to see how based the issues raised in the petition can be addressed”, noted Hon. Shiyonga.

Shiyonga further added that the committee will respond to the issues in a compiled report which will include all PWDs across the country.

She urged the County Executive and the County Assembly to ensure that all funds allocated to PWDs benefit them through the right platforms.
The Chairperson challenged the stakeholders involved in compiling the report to take up the quickest action to ensure it’s implemented, promising that the report once done will be tabled on the floor of the Senate before the house is dissolved.
Nominated Senator (Dr.) Gertrude Musuruve, a committee member and a Representative of PWDs in the Senate said that, the manner in which Persons with Disabilities are treated was demeaning not only in Migori County but across the nation.

She urged all County governments to ensure they truly embrace PWDs in terms of budgetary allocation and employment opportunities. She noted that in most counties PWDs are discriminated on the basis of their disabilities denying them a right to be productive in society.


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