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Health Updated: 28 July 2022 05:48 EAT 396 Views | ~ 1 minute


Self-care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve well-being, health, and happiness without depending on another person. It basically means appreciating yourself and giving yourself a break the best and a rest.

This practice is a process that is not accomplished in a day,  rather, it is an everyday activity. Practicing self-care improves how the body operates both physically and emotionally with activities such as exercise and watching movies being examples.

However, some people who live with disabilities can not partake in some of these activities but that does not mean they are disadvantaged. Below are a few examples of simple activities and practices that greatly affect the functioning of our bodies and ourselves as a being.

  • Reading Inspiration books - encouraging yourself once in a while and reading about problem-solving issues can ease the tension and boost your morale to do things.
  • Meditating- is a great way to clear your mind and focus on one thing.
  • Tidying up your space -  Lynda Peterson said " With organization comes empowerment," cleaning your house and organizing your things brings a sense of cleanliness even from within, a good way to keep your day organized.
  • Do what you love - this can include things like reading novels, watching movies, singing, or writing anything that gives your heart contentment.
  • Laughing - as simple as this may seem, it has a big impact even on the mood you have.

The most important ways of self-care are practicing good hygiene, eating healthy, eating enough, and most importantly getting enough sleep. These habits go a long way in improving even our health and functioning.

Remember sometimes the most important thing you can do sometimes is Relax.


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