Security Firm Employees Disappear with Supermarket’s Sh94.9 Million


In a concerning turn of events, two employees from a security firm have disappeared with a significant sum of Sh94.9 million, intended for delivery to a bank in Nairobi. The incident unfolded at around 6 a.m., as the money was being transported from the security firm’s vault in the Industrial Area to the Family Bank in the Central Business District.

Nairobi’s police commander confirmed that the stolen funds were the property of Quickmart Supermarkets and represented weekend sales revenue. The two missing individuals have been identified as Daniel Mungai, the crew commander, and Antjony Nduiki, who served as the driver. These two employees, accompanied by the company’s vehicle, arrived at the vault as planned. However, they left without the usual police escort.

It was only a few minutes after their departure that the police escort realized the vehicle, along with the substantial amount of cash, had vanished. Subsequently, the abandoned vehicle was discovered in the Dafam area of South C, adjacent to the southern bypass. However, the suspects and the missing money were nowhere to be found.

Senior police officers who visited the scene confirmed that the two had fled in another waiting vehicle. Despite mobilizing teams of security personnel to pursue them, the two culprits managed to escape to an undisclosed location.

Authorities suspect that this incident may involve individuals with insider knowledge. As the investigation unfolds, the officers who were supposed to escort the canter used in the theft have also been questioned. The situation remains a matter of ongoing investigation.


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