Sakaja refuses 1 billion bribe to run for the governor seat.


“Kuna mtu alitumwa kwangu kutoka State House akaambiwa aniambie kuna hela flani nitapatiwa niachane na hicho kiti ati niseme nimekuwa mgonjwa.” Sakaja said in an interview with Radio Jambo.

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja now claims that there was an attempt to bribe him with Ksh.1 billion for him to drop out of the County’s governor race. Johnson Sakaja who is running for the gubernatorial seat has not fully ascertained whether his name will be in the ballot with 32 days to the general election.

Sakaja, whose governorship bid is still a subject of a legal battle, alleged that he was approached by a high-ranking official who asked him to feign sickness and drop his bid for the gubernatorial seat. He however did not disclose the person but linked him to state house.

Sakaja will know whether his name will be on the ballot on Friday when the High Court will make a ruling on the dispute surrounding his academic qualifications. 


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