Riziki Source-An Initiative Connecting PWDs To Opportunities


Persons with disabilities experience all shapes and sizes of challenges across the world, they have a much harder time maneuvering and thriving in society.

Most of these challenges are tougher when it comes to career opportunities, hiring practices, and advancement.

Because of these challenges, Fredrick Ouko- who has a physical disability came up with the Riziki Source initiative to ensure that people with disabilities get equal opportunities.

The initiative dubbed “Riziki source,” according to the Star article, is a Kenyan social enterprise that leverages technology to connect persons with disabilities with job opportunities.

The initiative was born in 2016 out of the frustrations and challenges Ouko faced while job searching after completing his undergraduate studies.

“Getting around Nairobi while dropping my resume to potential employers was an uphill task. There were many rejections, which included being hounded out of offices by guards who believed people with disabilities should only beg for handouts. But my goal was finding employment,” Ouko told the Star News.

Ouko, while two years old contracted polio which left his legs permanently damaged. He is now among the 2.2 percent of persons with disabilities in the country.

Being the founder of the Riziki Source, Ouko told the Star that he named the organization “Riziki” which means livelihood because it’s through the organization’s website, users are able to input their qualifications, skillset, location, and disability, and then matched with potential employers.

According to the article, users’ qualifications and skillsets are visible to businesses but not their CVs. Should an employer express interest in a specific candidate, they connect with Ouko and his colleagues at Riziki Source.

Further, the article explained that the enterprise has also developed a mobile app that helps people with disabilities find job opportunities locally.

In addition, the app also provides users with information on employers that are committed to hiring people with disabilities, as well as information on accessible transportation options and other resources that can help them to secure employment.

Courtesy Of The Star


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