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Entertainment Updated: 05 July 2022 07:39 EAT 473 Views | ~ 29 seconds

Rastaman customizes a chair for Raila 'Kiti ya Baba'

If you thought that all Rasta men will back up Wajackoyah, here is one true ‘baba’ loyal fan, the late Fidel Castro’s friend.

One Rastaman has gone viral over his customized chair that he says is not for sale but for Raila, further adding that Raila will come for it.

The wooden chair was customized with Raila's name and decorated with Azimio's prime color.

“It is all about the state house. Fidel used to be my friend and let me tell you something, Kenyan you got to be wise. Rise up because it is all about Raila Odinga," the Rastaman said in a statement.

His creativity did mesmerize Kenyans as netizen and funs commented on the video he had shared on TikTok.

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