Dissolution is the formal term for the end of a parliament. It occurs ahead of a general election for a new parliament.

Its is normal to have Prorogation, it signals the end of a parliamentary session, Adjournments are routine breaks in parliamentary activity, Recesses are breaks during the year when a House of Parliament does not meet.

The National Assembly is expected to be dissolved Thursday despite passing a procedural motion earlier that could have extended its sittings to next week June 17. The motion was presented in Parliament by the majority whip Emmanuel Wangwe.

The was set to be adjourned by 9th with priority businesses having been dissolved. The rush seen member of parliament Wednesday morning to pass another motion while scheduling another tomorrow Thursday morning before the house is dissolved in Sine Die respite.

Among the bills that the house is rushing against time to dispense with include several money related bills, which are now at the third reading stage.

The house has approved the second supplementary estimates for the financial year 2021/2022 and a motion by the delegated legislation committee which rejected five sets of draft elections regulations for 2022.

The dissolution of the 12th parliament comes hardly two months to the general elections and will give ample time to legislators to go back to their constituencies and campaign for re-election.

By convention, the dissolution also marks the start of the pre-election restrictions period historically referred to as purdah’ the time during an election campaign when there are restrictions on what the government can do – both in initiating policy and in the use of official resources.


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