Persons with disabilities in Migori receive farming tools


Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Migori County have received donations distributed by the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya (NFDK).

Assistant Director for NFDK Mr. Isaac Aliya overseeing the distribution, advised the 13 beneficiaries to make good use of the farm tools, barber tool kits, leatherwork tool kits and plough yoke they had received to help them earn a decent living.

He also urged thtem to resist the temptation of selling the donated equipment because it would only add to the miseries that they were already facing.

 “I want to politely ask those that have benefited today not to apply again for the same support in order to give a chance to those that did not get it,” Aliya said.

Aliya added that those that intended to apply for the support from the NFDK should apply for the items based on their background needs and training to ensure that they benefit fully from those donations.

Deputy Commissioner for Nyatike Sub County Mr. Paul Lagat appreciated the NFDK officials for the godly gesture toward supporting persons with disabilities.

The administrator adding disability is not inability, called upon the disabled to work hard instead of waiting or relying on handouts for survival.

The NFDK donation kitty aims at helping disabled persons with endorsement worth Sh60 million across the nation.


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