New UDA Aspirants In Kirinyaga Claim To Have Been sidelined


Non-elected UDA aspirants in Kirinyaga county have raised complaints that the party has sidelined them in the county activities, citing that they are the majority as opposed to those in various offices.

Speaking at Sagana, led by Gichugu MP aspirant Njogu Barua, they appealed to the national leadership to intervene, adding that,
whoever is organizing UDA party meetings to include them as they form an integral part of the party.

He further revealed that there was a call to submit county party coordinators but up to now, they have not been informed of the progress. Barua said, they will forward nominees within the timeline if the local leadership will not involve them.

Barua also said all aspirants are equal whether you are in office now or not. He cautioned that one will get a direct nomination and rumors going that some individuals have already been nominated are hatched by the competitors in other parties.

Sandra Njoki, a women representative aspirant, said if the elected leaders will continue to sideline them, they are ready to establish an office and request for officials from the national office.

Njoki said party offices are key in registration especially in registration of the elderly who may not be competent enough to the used the online platform


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