The government has raised concern over the increasing crushes on the Nairobi express way which is set to operate with a speed limit of 80Kmh that most Kenyan driver and motorist only display in some parts of the road thus causing alit of accident near the terminals.

Cyrus Oguna who is the government spokesman yesterday accounted the crushes to over speeding which he says has been the major cause of such casualties.

One person died yesterday in accident which according KENHA was caused by a motorist who was over speeding as he approached the terminal as the rest were rushed to the hospital

As a result, the exit booth was damaged, leading to the Kenya National Highways Authority announcing its closure.

The government has also gazette some of the fine for motorist who cause any damage on the express way including:

  1. Damage to signboards – Between Ksh. 34,547 to Ksh. 81,120.
  2. Scratches on the pavement – Ksh. 2,362
  3. Graffiti fine – Ksh. 2,362
  4. Damage to the ticket issuing machine – Ksh. 1.9 million
  5. Damage to the camera in the toll collection plaza – Ksh. 600,000.


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