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Local News Updated: 22 June 2022 11:48 EAT 212 Views | ~ 43 seconds

Murathe seconds Wajackoyah weed plan.

“I like what he is saying about weed. I saw a documentary the other day about weed in South Africa but it is not your normal weed, this is medicinal,” Wajackoyah.

David Murathe, the Jubilee Vice chairperson is in agreement rallying his support behind the Roots Party leader and presidential candidate George Wajackoyah’s weed agenda which he said should be used to clear Kenya’s debt.

Wajackoyah in his campaigns has given clues on legalizing marijuana if elected in the August polls noting that the venture will have tremendous economic benefits.

It is on this basis that Murathe asserted that Wajackoyah’s proposal is feasible.

Murathe also went ahead to dismiss the possibility of Wajackoyah denying Azimio a win in the first round of the General Election.

Murathe while agreeing with the bag agenda is confident that the number Wajackoyah has been stating make sense and will of great boost to the economy.

He also asked the Azimio flag bearer Raila Odinga to consider it in his plan once the election is concluded and he is announced as the 5th president of Kenya.

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