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Featured Updated: 02 November 2022 11:49 EAT 199 Views | ~ 1 minute

Moses Chiira, The Voice Over Sheriff

moses-chiira-the-voice-over-sheriff Image

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop. This phrase perfectly describes the journey of Moses Chiira a.k.a the Sherrif, who beat all odds to live his dream.

Moses Chiira is a visually impaired voice-over artist whose story is nothing short of inspirational and resilient. He is a member of the Vision Centre for the Disabled of Kenya(VCDK).

His code name, CJ Moses the VO Sherrif, is a name he adapted because of his late father’s piece of advice to him. “You need to be the sheriff of your own life- take control.”

Chiira recalls that his eye issues began in 1996 when in nursery school. However, in 2015, his eyes got worse and something had to be done to improve his eyesight.

It took around 10 years for the doctors to figure out that he had glaucoma after a good number of visits to different eye hospitals.

The doctor, after confirming that he indeed has glaucoma, advised that Chiira undergo a laser procedure to save his left eye as his right eye had already been severely damaged. The infection was rapidly spreading to his left eye.

Unfortunately, the doctor scarred his retina in the process and that led to his current visual impairment. This was in 2016.

Chiira completed high school in 2010 and joined the Nairobi School of Design. He pursued a diploma in Graphic and Web Design. He freelanced for a bit before becoming the head of design in a company in Nakuru.

He had always had a dream to pursue mass communication. After rehabilitation, and learning the culture of his new life, the sherrif went back to school. He joined KIPS College.

Chiira connected with a visually impaired friend in Jamaica who owns a podcast. His friend taught him a few tricks and introduced him to different softwares that he uses to record and edit his voice overs.

He is currently looking for clients and other voice over artists who he can work with and expand his career.


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