Life In Nairobi City


Waking up early has always been a battle everybody who lives around Nairobi city tries to fight each morning, but they say ‘the early bird catches the warm ‘well, for the short period I have stayed around the city it has been nothing but full of struggle, because you like it or not you have to fit in the move, actually it has taken me a while to feel home. You know it’s all about the hectic pace of people moving to different unknown destinations, constant noise from fast moving vehicles, talk of sweet aromas from well-known joints in town not forget sewage has to be part of you daily and you need to get comfortable with it.

Have you ever gone to bed thinking of how you will wake up for a travel adventure? Yes, you even have the most fantastic dreams once in your life, you actually don’t sleep, this a feeling that arises in a mind of anybody who is to visit a new big city not just to and fro like the previous norm but now for a stay, that’s the exact feeling I had. You can only start feeling at home  after visiting a few estates and knowing the kind of vehicles to board, not forgetting visiting different offices in search of opportunities.

Nairobi city is such a busy, cold and most confusing town in Kenya, but again it’s the most beautiful town that will bring out the most memorable moments in your life, it can be also so boring because of the congestion, you just don’t have space, everybody is in a rush, so at some point I asked a friend why so and most people don’t have jobs, he laughed it off and said ‘sometimes you just have to wake and embrace the day,mengine yatafuta badaye.’

The most amazing part everybody is busy in their own way, nobody cares about your business, you walk naked, eat crap,stay on the streets nobody just cares, and yes of Couse who hates privacy?We all do love being on our own, you feel comfortable in your own way. But then comes the most scariest thing about the city,insecurity,as much as you are on your on but it said,’ogopa ata kivuli chako’just appear as a suspect too. Everybody is hustling around by all means just to get something. And this people are well dressed just like you, with on beautiful smiles to earn trust from their targets.

They say ‘kuingia ni raha kutoka ni karaha’well, this phrase not only applies to coast but just for any city or town, once you settle ,you fall in love with the environment and it happens to be the longest affair you can, you adapt to everything, change of seasons and the noises, if somebody would criticize the city, you cant just stand it but you defend it as if you took a loyalty oath of protecting its general image.   

By Celina Nyongesa


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