KNWD Fault Gov’t For Neglecting PWDs’ Sexual Reproductive Health And Rights


The Kenya Network of Women with Disabilities (KNWD) has expressed concerns over the government’s negligence of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for women and girls with disabilities.

In a statement to the media, the women’s leadership said the disability-unfriendly environment (infrastructure) around health facilities and biases from the hospital staff hinders women and girls with disabilities from getting medical help.

While citing family planning services, KNWD said most women with disabilities end up with the wrong medication because of a breakdown in communication for example with the Deaf and persons with visual disabilities.

KNWD appealed to the government through the Ministry of Health to ensure that health and medical care is user-friendly and accessible through the inclusion of diverse special needs of women and girls with disabilities.

KNWD leadership also demands the inclusion of specific disability needs within Early Childhood Development (ECD) strategies through the CBC education curriculum.

They noted that placing children with diverse disability issues in one class under the same teacher who is not trained to handle all disabilities discourages parents from keeping their children with disabilities in school.

KNWD wants the school curriculum to be more inclusive in addressing issues of disabilities among children.

The leadership asked the government to urgently address the aforementioned issues if it is indeed committed to the welfare of all its citizens without biases.


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