Kisii Joins The World To Mark World Diabetes Day


Kisii county’s diabetes rate has surpassed the national level, a worrying revelation which calls for health authorities’  prompt intervention measures.  

The county’s prevalence rate stands at 50% compared to the national’s 41%.

Speaking during a procession to mark Diabetes World Day in Kisii town, the head of non-communicable diseases in the county, Dr. David Okinyi said the ailment’s complications continued to jeopardize ignorant patients’ health.

He cited chronic wounds,high blood pressure and cardiovascular as some of the  complications which he attributed to non- or late screening for the disease.

Okinyi stressed on the urgent need for members of the public to turn up for medical examinations to detect the sickness early and sensitization on the same.

County member of the executive, committee, for Health Sarah Omache, observed, diabetes was a lifestyle disease apart from another type that was hereditary but could be managed if detected from the onset.

She advised people to consume natural foodstuffs instead of refined ones that could trigger the disease and recommended walking as an exercise to mitigate it.

Omache assured the residents of approved medical attention at the established Non-Communicable Diseases Unit at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital if found with diabetes.

World Diabetes Day is celebrated annually to create awareness and draw attention to issues of paramount importance to the diabetes world and keeps diabetes firmly in the public.



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