Kisii Residents Protest After Contractor Abandoned Road

Photo by citizen

Residents of Nyamataro in Kitutu chache South have protested against dusty conditions on a section of the Kisii-Kisumu highway under construction after a contractor abandoned it four years ago.

The section of the highway measuring approximately half a kilometer described as a health hazard and economic challenge was barricaded causing a traffic snarl-up.

Owing to the dusty conditions, the residents’ health stood jeopardized due to the contamination of foodstuffs and loss of livelihoods.

They called for a prompt intervention by the two levels of government through the completion of the roadworks and sprinkling of water regularly to contain the dust.

Geoffrey Mbaka claimed businesses including chemists and butcheries had been ordered closed down by public health authorities.

Ignatius Omoke alleged the dust had occasioned respiratory ailments among the residents, courtesy of a negligent contractor.

Businesswoman Cynthia Kemunto claimed tenants had relocated from her premises leading to a loss of income to her and area landlords.

Richard Omenga complained children could not play outside the houses since they were locked throughout to prevent dust.

A similar situation was unfolding at the boundary of Gucha South and Kisii South along the Kisii-Rongo road.



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