Kisii County Woman Rep Condemns Crime



Authorities have been urged to be more vigilant in dealing with criminal elements in a bid to curb the rising crime rate in the country to what has been witnessed in Shakahola where mass bodies have been exhumed in Kilifi county. 

Speaking during a meeting with various sections of Kisii residents at Tendere grounds in Bomachoge Chache Sub-county, Kisii County, area woman Representative Dorice Aburi decried failure by Kilifi County local leaders to detect the anomaly of such a big magnitude that has escalated into a crisis.

These sentiments come even as over 100 hundred bodies are expected to be exhumed from Shakahola forest following deaths instigated by weird beliefs of pastor Paul Mackenzie’s followers in what has shocked the country and international community.

Aburi expressed concern over rampant cases of Female Genital Mutilation in the County, defilement, and domestic violence saying it was akin to radicalization because it could lead to ripple effects of serious crimes in the society.

Many criminal incidents are not addressed immediately to ensure fast justice for victims and action against culprits before they cause more damage.

She noted that teenage pregnancy in the county currently stood at 66 percent, a factor that could lead to serious crimes due to a generation that will most likely be exposed to poor parenting.

Aburi reiterated that she will not relent in speaking out on ills meted against the residents and urged other leaders to do the same in their areas of jurisdiction.


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