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Local News Updated: 16 March 2023 08:54 EAT 266 Views | ~ 51 seconds

Kisii County Health Standards Up-Scaled

kisii-county-health-standards-up-scaled Image

A section of Kisii county Healthcare facilities is now up-scaling its services and installing state–of–the–art medical equipment in line with changing times.

One of the facilities Christamariane had upgraded  the healthcare services at its Outpatient and In-patient departments through the introduction of modern ICU, Dental, and Eye units.

During the launch, the hospital’s administrator Beatrice Sabato lauded the support from stakeholders in the sector including area catholic bishop Joseph Mairura and the two levels of government.

The health facility is managed by a section of Catholic Church Sisters.

Bishop Mairura urged the  Sisters to ensure the facility served patients in need of specialized medication with dedication and irrespective of their creed.

He petitioned the county government to embrace the Catholic Sisters including assisting the hospital to acquire modern technology and equipment.

The Sisters were challenged by the clergy, to uphold the set healthcare standards as service to humanity commending medical doctors and health researchers for being witnesses to divine existence by sustaining the human body through medication.

County secretary,James Ntabo hinted on underway stakeholder collaboration to  make Kisii a  focal point  in the health sector investment.

 According to the secretary, service delivery will be strengthened, and ideas shared with stakeholders to transform the region into  a  much sought for healthcare giver destination.


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