Kenyan Chef Bernice Kariuki Flies High Through Culinary Arts


Kenyan chef Bernice Kariuki is a private chef based in London who cooks for the Premier League Club-Arsenal.

She shared the genesis of her culinary journey with a local media station. Not leaving out the highs and lows of her profession.

At 17years, she went to Sweden and studied culinary for 18 months before transitioning to pastry. She then left for the United Kingdom and pursued psychology for three years because her father wanted her to be a doctor.

After 7 years of practice, Miss Kariuki took a leap of faith and reached out to her first love. She enrolled at the best culinary school that charged her 16,000 pounds for the 48 weeks course because she was over age.

The 51 year old revealed that she got her current job through former Gabonese International Pierre-Emerick  Aubameyang. The 33 year old is a professional footballer.

She met the Chelsea striker at a Christmas party where a small chit-chat landed her the job. Aubameyang loved the pilau she made. Miss Kariuki had used a recipe taught to her by an Indian.

In addition, she revealed that with a total of over 600 people and 118 players, Arsenal has a team of 90 chefs. The first team has the highest number of chefs at 27.

The players all have different diets but mostly consume fish. Their shakes and juices are made from scratch. They get in from 4:00 am to 11:00 am.

They have omelets and avocados and then begin training at 11:00 am.

Miss Kariuki said, “a person is what they eat”. She is a dietician as well and is keen on staying healthy and keeping fit. She walks for one hour to work every day.

She works 14 hours a day making it 90 hours a week.

There are perks of being a private chef – self employed. With 15 years of excellent culinary experience, she was a chef for Tottenham Spurs and was also part of the staff at The Dorchester- one of the most luxurious five star hotels in London.

Her culinary journey has included a lot if international travel. She has met with international influencers and has expanded her cooking cuisine.

She believes in the new “hustler” government because she identifies as a hustler in London. She is ready and willing to train youngsters with a passion in cooking through apprenticeship for free.

She urges Kenya to wake up and start building their dreams.

By Christine Omondi

Courtesy : CHAMS MEDIA


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