Karua and Gachagua Declare and Explain their Worth during the Debate.


Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential running mate, Rigathi Gachagua, and Raila Odinga’s running mate Martha Karua have personal fortunes of Ksh.800 million and Ksh.150 million respectively.

The two running mates made the disclosures during the deputy presidential debate held at the Catholic University of East Africa on Tuesday.

Gachagua and Karua shake hand after the debate.

Rigathi further explained that out of the Kshs.800 million, Kshs 200 million has been frozen and he hopes that one-day justice will be served so that he can finish the house project.

Martha and Gachagua stated that the allegations that have been made on cases to do with corruption have not been proved and therefore remain accusations.

Martha further stated that he had dared the necessary forces to investigate her wealth and acquired land to ascertain that she only has land after his father, and where he stays in Nairobi.

“I think just around Ksh.150 million and this is because the Ksh.56 million I had declared in 2013 has appreciated because of inflation. I haven’t had any new properties. I am not thirsty for land. Karua stated.

She went on to state that asset declarations of public officials are a powerful tool that can be used to prevent corruption and detect illicit enrichment among corrupt government officials.


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