Kakamega Youths Benefit From IRI Training on Governance


Youths in Kakamega are set to benefit from a one-week training program by the International Republican Institute (IRI) that will empower them with the knowledge and tools to actively participate in the governance and development processes.

The forum is being implemented in 12 sub-counties where it will focus majorly on the importance of guiding youths on how to monitor service delivery and identifying corrupt practices.

The program will further empower the youths on the importance of reporting and registering complaints against poor service delivery by different sectors in the country.

Youth leaders from Kakamega county led by Conrad Keya, a youth leader from Navakholo sub-county, have lauded IRI efforts to commit to Open Government Processes but cited that they should look at remaining limitations in the existing participatory structure that impede young people’s voices in decision-making processes.

Youth in Kakamega have described the current government as a closed government and very protective of information which makes it difficult to oversight leading to most county governments misusing resources.


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