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Matters Disability Updated: 20 October 2021 14:11 EAT 485 Views | ~ 2 minutes

Joe Biden’s Win Is A Hurrah… For Persons With Disabilities

The former vice president win seems like what Americans have looking and hoping for.

After the divisive campaign that culminated in four days of vote counting, Biden won the

election and now poised to become the nation’s 46 th president.

The veteran Democratic politician, who will take office come January 2021, has promised to

be a safe pair of hands for the world. He vows to be friendlier to American allies than

Trump, tougher on autocrats, and better for the planet.

Biden has promised to be different, to reverse some of trump’s more controversial policies

including on climate change and work closely with American allies. On China, he says he

will continue trump’s tough line on trade theft of intellectual property and coercive trade

practices by co-opting rather than bullying allies as Trump did. On Iran, he promises

Tehran will have a way out of sanctions if it comes into compliance with the multinational

nuclear deal he oversaw with Obama, but which Trump ditched. And with NATO, he is

already trying to rebuild confidence by vowing to strike fear in the Kremlin.

For persons with disabilities, Biden election seems to come with a lot of benefits. Joe

Biden’s campaign put forward a broad plan to address the needs of people with disabilities.

Now advocates are optimistic as the former vice president prepares to assume the


As a candidate, Biden issued a wide-ranging disability plan that called for “full equality.” He

committed to backing an increase in Supplemental Security Income benefits, fully funding

the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, phasing out subminimum wage and adding

support for direct care providers as well as family caregivers.

What’s more, Biden said he would appoint a director of disability policy at the White House

and push for legislation guaranteeing the choice to receive services in the community that

was affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Olmstead v. L.C.

Compared to any country precisely African countries, persons with disabilities became the

pivot and the center of discussion of an incoming government. The considered vulnerable

group plays a bigger part in countries’ economic growth and social responsibility.

In Kenya persons with disabilities are considered priority on services offered by the ruling

government. One of the privileges enjoyed economically is relief from paying taxes. Though

the road on inclusion is straitening, many pot holes are still experienced. The recently BBI

concluded report that is meant to bring Kenyans together and enhance their living

standards, has a lot of errors as far as inclusion is concerned. Persons with disabilities feel

to be felt out of the report.

On comparing notes, Kenya should emulate US President elect visions on persons with

disabilities. Biden has made many concrete commitments to the disability community,

including strengthening and expanding home- and community-based services, ending

subminimum wage and promoting supported decision-making.

On covid -19, Nicole Jorwic, senior director of public policy at The Arc, said she’s optimistic

that the needs of people with disabilities will be factored in any COVID-19 relief plans

under the incoming administration, something that’s been lacking thus far in the pandemic.

In Kenya the national council for persons with disabilities, which is responsible for

championing the rights for persons with disabilities, is working hard to ensure the social,

economic rights are catered for. Meanwhile in the US, the National Disability Rights

Network has called on Biden to appoint people with disabilities to his transition team and

at all levels of government, including the cabinet.


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