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International Reggae Day 2022.

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International Reggae Day is marked every year on July 1st, as a way to celebrate the force of reggae music yearly and devoted to celebrating reggae music and its way of life.

Originating from Jamaica in the late 1960s, the event marries the force of music, media, and technology often characterized by a heavy four-beat rhythm. These beats are done by drums, congas, bass guitars and electric guitars.

Reggae later spread to numerous countries all over the globe with contrasts in instruments and genres utilized.

As per the legend Bob Marley, the reggae word came from a Spanish expression meaning the King’s music as such many individuals appreciate various genres of reggae music and find its historical experience profound and bright.

Officially recognized by Andrea Davis in 1994, Jamaicans and Reggae fans all over the world celebrate International Reggae Day through music, culture, Concerts, poetry readings, food festivals and history of reggae.

The thought for international Reggae Day came to her following discourse by Winnie Mandela who discussed the motivation reggae music provided for individuals of South Africa their battle against apartheid.

Reggae is believed to be made from SKA and rock steady style of music, and today’s sounds of Jamaica incorporate ska, rock constant, reggae, dancehall, dub and sound system movement.

Bob Marley and the wailers are considered the most iconic reggae artists ever and are credited for bringing reggae music to the international stage.

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