International Plant Appreciation Day


World plant appreciation day is held on the 13th of April. This day is held to recognize the diversity, splendor, and significance of plants.

Plants serve an indispensable role in providing oxygen, food, nourishment, improving air quality, creating wildlife habitats, maintaining our ecology, and of course, making the environment a sight for sore eyes. This makes plants the foundation of life on Earth.

On this day, botanists, environmentalists, gardeners, and those who just like plants, come together to recognize the value of plants and how to safeguard them.

In order to commemorate it, people plant trees and flowers, educating people on the importance of plants and encouraging the conservation of plants.

In the spirit of protecting our environment, President William Ruto last year launched a tree restoration program at Ngong Hills Forest to kick-start his plan of planting 15 billion trees by 2032.

During the launch, the President said the initiative would help combat the effects of climate change, which has unleashed calamities such as droughts, floods, unpredictable rainfall patterns, and disease and pest outbreaks.



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