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International Family Day

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Family Day is celebrated every year on May 15. It is also called International Day of Families. Sometimes, families can be very different and very complicated but they are essential to everyone.

A family can be made along the way or it can be named as a group of people that one is born into. This day recognizes the significance of having a “tribe” of persons to accompany us through the world.

The 2023 theme for the international family day is “Demographic Trends and Families.”

The day was inaugurated in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly. The very first ceremony of the family day was held in 1994, this day targeted to provide an opportunity to reflect on the role of families and society.

A new theme for the international family day is communicated each year by the United Nations. The themes are purposed to range with and boost awareness for the different issues, problems, and circumstances faced by families globally.

Every year, different new opportunities and ways to promote awareness for this day are triggered by international family day.

The significance of international family day includes; advocating awareness of the issues that encircle families.

The day also increases the knowledge of processes that affect families, inclusive of demographics, and social and economic factors.

Further International family day improves the well-being and care of families worldwide.

It motivates the government, organizations, and people to take actions that benefit and strengthen families.

To celebrate this day; one can spend time with their families, you can talk about your honest feeling, talk about your family on social media also arrange a small celebration at home.

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