International Day of Deafblindness:“Keep On Beginning And Failing”


Imagine being in a world you cannot hear and see? how will you engage with your family and friends? How will you access your local cafe, restaurant, and other places?

Deafblindness is a distinct and unique disability affecting vision and hearing. United Nations set aside June 27th to celebrate and create awareness of deafblind persons.

June 27th was selected because it is the same day Hellen Keller a well-known deaf-blind person in history was born.

Anne Sullivan, the teacher who enabled Helen Keller to communicate, motivated her students with this principle, “Keep on beginning and failing. Each time you fail, start all over again, and you will grow stronger until you have accomplished a purpose.”

Anne Sullivan, by putting this principle into practice, changed perceptions of, and expectations for, the deafblind, opening opportunities and doors which had previously been closed to them.

During the last week of June, the deafblind persons are recognized and celebrated by organizing events and also identifying the challenges that they go through.

In 2022 Deafblindness week runs from 27th June -3rd July and it’s meant to ensure that we are aware of the deafblind persons in the society.

During this week we encourage you to think about the friends and relatives who have been affected by sight and hearing loss as we engage and talk to them hence understanding them and helping them where we can.

Levels of hearing vary from mild to profound, most persons with this disability experience challenges because the sense of hearing and vision is very vital in a human being’s life.

Deafblind persons communicate in many different ways depending on the nature of their condition, for example, the onset of the condition, and what resources are available to them. Some of the methods include;

  1. Hearing aids/cochlear
  2. Sign language by use of the deafblind manual alphabet
  3. Sign language interpreters.
  4. Communication devices, such as computerized versions known as the TeleBraille and Screen Braille Communicator.



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