International Day For Biological Diversity



Biodiversity is a variety of living species on earth, inclusive of plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi according to national geographic.

The international day for biological diversity is held yearly on May 22. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness and boost the conservation of biological diversity.

According to CNBC TV 18, It also serves as a commemoration of the significance of biodiversity and the need to protect and reimpose it. It reminds us of the spectacular diversity of species, ecosystems, and genetic resources that make our planet special.

In 2023, the event attests to unique importance as it targets conversion from commitments to concrete actions to rebuild biodiversity. Biodiversity incorporates the diversification of plants, animals, microorganisms,s and the ecosystems they live in.

The 2023 theme for biological diversity is; “From agreement to action: building back biodiversity.”

In addition, biodiversity is the origin of cultural, aesthetic, and economic value, supporting livelihoods and contributing to sustainable development.

The international day for biological biodiversity traces its roots to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development which is also known as the Earth Summit that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992.

World leaders acknowledge the urgent need to treat the global decline of biodiversity during this historic event.

Proximately, a substantial number of countries embraced the Convention on Biological Diversity {CBD} on May 22, 1992. CBD is a worldwide alliance focusing to conserve biodiversity, boosting its feasible use, and ensuring the fair and unbiased sharing of profits obtained from genetic resources.

Most countries have endorsed CBD making it one of the most widely recognized environmental concurrences.

The event serves as a global platform to highlight the critical role of biodiversity in supporting life on Earth.

It supply’s the necessary ecosystem services such as pollination, nutrient cycling, purification of water, and climate regulation.


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