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Uncategorized Updated: 13 July 2022 10:06 EAT 204 Views | ~ 43 seconds


Nairobi Gubernatorial candidate Polycarp Igathe hit the ground Wednesday morning, sharing his ‘The Nairobi Tunavyoitaka Manifesto’ with the residents.

He said access to clean water is part of their manifesto under the environment Pillar, adding that if elected they will build new water sources to tackle the issue of water in Nairobi.

Igathe has broken down his manifesto into three key pillars; Society, Economy, and Environment. He also urged the people that their vote is their voice adding that this election is one of competence, character, honesty, and integrity.

Society pillar : Igathe seeks to fight hunger and deprivation by offering meals to school-going children, offering hospital facilities and emergency care services that will operate on 24hr basis.

Economic pillar: Igathe has promised to ensure the run of a single business permit and that he will also eliminate unnecessary fees and charges, ease the transport and offer employment.

Environment pillar: Igathe promises to improve the city environment, provide water to residents and enhance the garbage collection process.

Igathe who is the Jubilee candidate will face UDA candidate Johnson Sakaja in the August 9 the election.