“I paid Khaligraph’s First First-Class Flight Ticket,” Octopizzo


Octopizzo has revealed that he once gave Khaligraph Jones his first-class flight seat. Speaking to ‘Iko nini’ pocast on 26th November, Octopizzo said that they were on the same flight, but Khaligraph Jones was sitting on the economy class and Octopizzo and ‘mama wa kwake’, were on the first class.

It is at this point that he decided to offer him the seat with the aim of clearing the air on their long standing feud between the two rappers.

Tulikuwa same flight na akina Kali na Blaze, so kitu tu ikaniambia nikarudi economy, kitu sajaiskia ata akiongelelea, nikamwambia buda umewai fly first class, akaniambia zii, nikamwambia come…na nikaambia mama wa kwangu tunarudi kukaa economy, juu nataka kujua nini we u-hate nataka ufeel.”

Further, the “Ivo Ivo” artist clarified that although he does not like Khaligraph Jones in person, he respects him as an artist.

Juu yeye inafaa ajue vile nafeel juu yake…Mi sim-like as a person iyo nilishamwambia, we don’t match we are very different as people but as an artist lazima nimpee credit yake…


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