“I Know the Button to Press to get Netizens to Talk,” Eric Omondi


Let’s face it. We have all experienced some bits of Eric Omondi drama and the extent he can go, with the latest one being purchasing a ‘new pair’ of torn Balenciaga worth Kshs125K. Eric now says that he has mastered the art of popularizing his brand by pushing a button of netizens depending on the agenda he wants to push.

Eric Omondi showing his ‘new pair’ of Balenciaga worth Kshs 213K.

Speaking in an interview, Eric 35-years-old said that one way he handles all the negativity and criticism thrown at him is by finding a smart way to make it work for him.

According to him, his mastery of getting Kenyans to talk whenever he wants is not going to fade off anytime soon. He is confident that Kenyans will always fall for his ways.

“You call it kipindi but I know if I want Kenyans to talk now, I know the buttons to press and it will never change. Hata ukiwaambia they’ll still fall for it,” he said.

When asked how he handles negativity, Eric was quick to note that he thrives in negativity and that it is both beneficial and good to his career. Further, he added that, when he does not get pressure from social media, it gets to him and inspires him to even work harder or go the extreme mile.

“I rarely have social media pressure. When I don’t get pressure from social media then I have pressure. It’s like it becomes so silent and then I am not OK,” he said, insisting that somewhat, he does not mind negativity at all. “Negative is good, have you ever seen a wedding event aired during news time? The only thing you’ll see is road accidents and people only talk about negative stuff.”


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