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Entertainment Updated: 03 December 2021 13:03 EAT 829 Views | ~ 1 minute

"I am the Queen of Afro Rap", Diana Marua

  • The new song centres on the story of her life
  • First song 'Hatutaachana has over 1M views in four days
  • Her Rate card stands at KSHs 850,000 and she is fully booked for her first perfomance this weekend.

Diana Marua, AKA Diana B, has a new song barely 4days after the debut of her singing career. While speaking to Kiss 100 on Friday Morning, Diana said that the new music is about her life story.

Diana is a newbie in the music industry has not stopped her song 'Hatutaachana' from garnering 1 million views in just 4days.

 "I first wrote the song 'Hatutaachana' two months ago. After that, a month later, I did the song that I'll be releasing today, titled 'One Day.' That one is personally from my heart, what I have gone through in life, and it just generally speaks about my life," she said in the interview.

Taking it to social media, the excited yet very focused Diana Marua said that she is fully booked for the weekend.

"It's time to address the people doubting that I'm the best female rapper! I mean, the queen of Afro rap," she wrote on her Instagram. "A girl with her trending hit will be performing for the very first time in Nakuru, Bahati Constituency! Youth Festival organized by Hon. Irene Njoki at the Bahati Stadium. I'm excited, and I cannot wait to see y'all there. Let’s make memories because mimi na watu wa Nakuru hatutaachana. Later in the night, Kisii, I will be in Your Town!"

This new song comes not long after Diana B shared her rate card of KSH 850,000, in which netizens noted that this price is way too high.

“Why Are People Shocked at My Rate Card? Just Ksh 850,000. Kwani Wasanii Wanalipangwa Pesa Ngapi?” She posed

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