From Skyward Dreams to TV Spotlight: How a Kenyan TV Presenter Altered Her Path

Signs TV Presenter Edna Kaindi(left) and Reverend Lucy Natasha(right)
Signs TV Presenter Edna Kaindi(left) and Reverend Lucy Natasha(right)

In the pursuit of our individual dreams, our paths can take unexpected turns. What truly counts is whether the road we choose ultimately guides us to triumph.

This truth was exemplified by a renowned Deaf TV presenter, Edna Kaindi, who candidly shared her voyage into the realm of the media industry.

In an exclusive interview with Signs TV Digital, Kaindi recounted her path to the media industry, despite originally aspiring to become a flight attendant.

“In my formative years, my dream was to work as a flight attendant. Yet today, as a TV Presenter, I have developed such a profound affection for my role that I cannot fathom leaving the media sector.

Life often unfolds this way – we often set our sights on certain aspirations, only to find ourselves transitioning into different careers, and that’s perfectly alright,” she shared.

Signs TV Presenter, Edna Kaindi, Thursday, August 17, 2023

Before embarking on her journey in the media industry, Kaindi first graced the screen as a guest on a show at Signs TV.

“I initially came across Signs TV through a friend. I later appeared as a guest on one of their TV shows to showcase my artistic skills. Being passionate about drawing, it caught the attention of the Signs Media Managing Director. I recall gifting an American visitor a drawing during my time at the media house,” she recounted.

While still pursuing her studies, this emerging media personality began working for the TV station.

She reminisces, “The Manager eventually assigned me to work on a National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) advertisement that aired on Signs TV. It marked my first experience in television.

At the time, I was still in school, studying a Beauty Course. As my connection with the media industry deepened, I joined Signs TV as a presenter and simultaneously pursued media training.”

Reflecting on her initial experience, Kaindi confessed her initial fears of entering an unfamiliar industry she hadn’t anticipated excelling in.

“I would like to encourage the Deaf community to confront their fears. Nothing is beyond reach, and relentless effort is the key to achieving your aspirations. Once you secure a good opportunity, remember to work smart to sustain it,” she emphasized.

Now hosting “The Glamor Show” and presenting news at Signs TV, Kaindi urged the government to prioritize People With Disabilities in setting university entry requirements.

“I feel we lag behind in the curriculum due to the slower pace at which we catch up in education compared to others. The government should assist us in achieving our dream careers by ensuring ample opportunities in universities and colleges,” she remarked.

When asked about her role model, Kaindi enthusiastically mentioned Reverend Lucy Natasha.

“Her impeccable style, presentation, and profound preaching have made her a standout figure in my eyes,” she concluded.


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