For Kids with disabilities, Online Schooling Divides Haves and Have-Nots


As covid-19 cases hit one million worldwide, doctors are still working up and down to find a vaccine. United Nations secretary general António Guterres, recently warned countries against flaunting the world health organization’s guides stating that if not careful, the cases will rise to over 3million.

Education is one of the most affected sectors; Schools have been closed down paralyzing physical learning. Efforts to re-open schools by some countries have been unfruitful because of lack of preparedness.

Thanks to technology that has made sure that Education still goes on despite the closure of schools. The world has opted for online classes which have seen many students remain active as far as education is concerned.

Students with disabilities are also benefiting from online classes, for instance we have lessons on how to use brail for the blind, Deaf students get signed lessons online, Autistic children get therapist services online etc.

Electronics like phones and laptops are used to facilitate the online learning. Parents who have autistic children are directed by the online classes on how to conduct the therapy exercise.

With all these merits on online learning, we have disadvantages that come along. The issue about the social status plays a big role when it comes to inequality.

Students with disabilities whose parents are better off economically enjoy the online learning, since they can afford resources that come along with online learning. For instance, laptops and phones need internet to access internet which is expensive to buy.

On the other hand, parents with low income struggle a lot and may not be able to get the electronics needed to access online learning. Children with disabilities borne in such families miss a lot on online learning. Parents will priorities between buying food and internet for online classes. Other classes will require hardcopy printings for practices and for a parent who cannot afford a printer, it becomes a big challenge.


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