It goes without saying that any man can be a father but its take a special heart, dedication, care, love and commitment to groom one like you, which dads do remarkably well.

Breathtaking its to have a daddy figure at home, it like receiving a food order after a long time of waiting. It a package that comes with love, protection an assurance of safety to a point we are clothed with pride, kicking every kid in the neighborhood while shouting out, “My dad will beat you!”

You will often hear any kid with that figure at home utter the words, “I will tell my dad to buy me …”

Father’s are celebrated every 3rd Sunday of June annually and today is that day.  It is a holiday of honoring fatherhood bonds and the influence of fathers in society.

It is the only day that never fall on the exact same date every year as it keeps changing, allow me to prophesy that it will be celebrated in June 18th 2023. It dates back to 1910 when Sonora Dodd whose father raised them single handedly without the mum who died at child birth.

Should I tell you how to celebrate them easy.
1. Buy them a watch
2. Treat them out.
3. Send a text message of love and gratitude.
4. Buy them a T-shirt.
5. Get them a pair of shoes.
6. For some a good drink will do.

You know your dad better or at least you have a clue now.

If you only had a father and not a dad, forgive them because am sure they tried the Triple P to provide, protect and yes play with your stubborn you at that young age.

What is the first things that comes in your mind when you here the name “daddy” mentioned?


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