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Entertainment Updated: 04 November 2021 08:44 EAT 589 Views | ~ 38 seconds

"Enough is Enough Jimal" says Amira

For the better part of this year, Jimal Roho Safi his wife Amira, and alleged ex-wife Amber Ray have been on a rollercoaster of endless relationship drama, to an extent that Jimal and Amber Ray broke up.

It was expected that Jimal would return to his first wife Amira, but netizens warned Amira against rushing into Jimal's arms. Now it seems like Amira has had enough because in recent instastories where she announced that she should be considered as a single mum. Further, she told Jimal to prepare the divorce papers as she will not allow him to disrespect her again.

Hours later, Amira further added that she has finally found the guts to stand up for herself and marked 4th November as her turning and self-discovery point.

The question is was this triggered by the fact that Jimal wished Amber Ray a happy birthday in a series of videos he shared on his Instagram page? well here is the screenshot of Amira's rant.