Employment Struggles For Persons  With Disabilities


Employment is viewed as a way of improving the economic standards of a nation and for personal growth, as well as improving one’s living standards. Although well-secured employment is a direct exit from the poverty den, Persons With Disabilities suffer unemployment or are given low-paying jobs, due to formed opinions and discrimination by many employers who unfortunately take them for granted sometimes.

Henry Simuyu, 54, visually impaired from Kakamega County, was working on building and construction, unfortunately, he lost his sight and could no longer work. He was contracted to construct a dormitory at St. Kizito Girls secondary school, Simuyu while speaking to Tuko Journalist, he revealed that he was to be paid Ksh. 540,000 on completion of the dormitory, but the school took advantage of his disability and refused to honor the agreement.

The fact that he had lost his sight, Simiyu’s dreams, and being the sole provider for his family, everything was shuttered, his wife had to resign and take care of him, which has made them resolve to sell some of their property to sustain their crucial needs like school fees and his medical care.

The family decided to come out and seek justice for Simiyu because they are overwhelmed and said the money will be of significance to their father at the moment.

The above story speaks more on how most Disabled Persons are looked down upon by society, we deny them an opportunity to grow and be independent. The government has made provisions to protect PWD’s from discrimination in employment and determination under the employment Act,2007, which means as an employer create an environment that will be flexible to absorb  PWD’s.

Lack of employment opportunities for Persons With Disabilities in Kenya suggests that poverty reduction will still be a major problem, Factors responsible for the high unemployment include inaccessible information on employment, negative attitudes, inaccessible physical environment, low educational attainment of Persons With Disabilities, and ineffective legislation on employment.


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