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Matters Disability Updated: 25 January 2022 09:34 EAT 419 Views | ~ 1 minute

Dreaming Beyond Disability

A handsome young Congolese bodybuilder, Caleb Mutombo, was born with a number of physical disabilities in his legs, shoulders, arms, and hands, this has never hindered his ambitions in life together with an indomitable spirit, he utilizes the disability by inspiring people through body-building.

Caleb was born in 1998 in Congo but lives in South Africa, he had a brother whom reports say, they both were born with Sickle cell disease, and the worst part of it they were abandoned by their parents after they were unable to raise money for their treatment at a South African Hospital, the two grew up without parental care which inspired Caleb to find away on sustaining their wellbeing.

The two brothers upon being left in South Africa by their grandparents who passed away, by the way, Caleb was a high breed kid of a Congolese and South African, they had to move to a children’s home called Kids Haven, where they were able to school although under harsh environment full of discrimination and insults because of his disability and being a Congolese in South Africa.

Mutombo brothers discovered Weight lifting at a very young age, they were inspired by the fact that they wanted their bodies to look good, so they started by lifting anything that could help them achieve because they had no money for the gym.

Caleb stopped growing at the age of 14, a case associated with sickle disease, it’s believed somebody suffering from sickle cell has insufficient healthy red blood cells to move oxygen through the body, which inhibits growth at puberty. His brother, on the other hand, died from meningitis 6 years ago leaving Caleb in grief.

He started training at a gym which gave him a chance to take part in local competitions that earned him a sponsorship, Caleb while talking to one of the disability awareness newspapers ‘This Ability’ says he was inspired by his disability and also encourages people to stay healthy no matter how they look.

Caleb faced challenges when he started his bodybuilding journey, most people never believed him and socially discriminated against him, but this never held him back he was so determined to achieve his dreams

 With a height of around 130cm and a weight of about 40kg, he attracts more people while on stage performing, something which motivates him because that’s how he achieves his dream of motivating people around the world.

Mutombo now aims at becoming a personal trainer and professional bodybuilder internationally, with a well built-up body with visible biceps and muscles it’s hard to believe Mutombo’s journey, but it’s said the difference between the impossible and possible lies in a man’s determination.