Disabilities Livelihood Programs Heavily Affected By COVID -19


Covid -19 has brought the world back to default setting, stopping many activities and programs.

Schools, churches and markets and have been shut down making people to miss out on essential and human basic needs. In Kenya and other African countries covid-19 has deteriorated the economy hence making life difficult for lower earners and people doing daily “JUAKALI’’ hustles.

Persons living with disabilities have felt the wrath of this pandemic worldwide. The World Health Organization has issued guidelines that some seem not work in favor of persons living with disabilities, for instance, wearing of masks-this makes it hard for persons with hearing impairments since they depend on sign language and facial expressions.

The visually impaired face a greater challenge in fighting the invisible enemy. Marked places for example “WASH YOUR HANDS HERE’’ and ‘’DO NOT SIT HERE’’ in Public Service Vehicles, do not communicate to these persons. In a bid to prevent further spread of the virus, physical contact and social distancing measures restricts the visual aid from helping the visually impaired.

According to a research done by the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), Persons with disabilities are not spared by the detrimental causes of Covid-19. Learning institutions and other developmental institutions that provided care to people living with disabilities face a risk of discontinuity or permanent closure. A majority of the closures are day programs and employment services.

By Silas Abbas


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