Being unique and different is part of what makes everyone special, a reflection of your face in the mirror every morning should remind you of how special you are in your own way, what matters is how you embrace your uniqueness.

How unique are you? This is a very important question which should give you a lead to finding yourself.

Brittany McCormick is a western Cape woman, born at 25 weeks, weighing less than a kilogram. According to medics, a fetus is ready to be born at 36-40 weeks, meaning Brittany’s case was special, her doctors and family had no hope for her survival.

She was put in the intensive care unit for three months, attached to several pipes. Later, she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegia, a form of cerebral palsy which is most severe and affects so many areas of the body with multiple conditions, like speech difficulties.

The doctors told her she will never walk and most probably will never survive to celebrate her 18th birthday, heartbreaking right? Brittany is currently 25 living happily and walks 100 KM motivating Persons with disabilities to focus on their abilities. 

In her article “Purpose Walk” she says, despite her disability she had to be independent, and therefore, she learned how to crawl, with the help of many physiotherapy appointments, she improved her mobility.

They say difficult times help us learn the most important lessons and flourish, yes, Brittany, during covid 19 lockdown, had enough time to improve her mobility skills and now walks without assistance.

McCormick, not only learned to be independent but also understood what it’s like for other people with disabilities who don’t have the means to fix or replace or can’t afford a wheelchair, she made her walk meaningful by making their dream come true.

With the assistance of BackaBuddy, she is targeting to walk 100kms in 6 months or more to raise enough funds to purchase wheelchairs for a special needs school in Cape Town South Africa.

Backabuddy is a South African crowd-funding platform that is designed to help one raise funds for causes they are passionate about.  


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